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Status or Incident portal

Does Blend have an online status page that will indicate whether there are any current issues with your platform? This would help us understand when we have connectivity issues with the site if it is on our end or in the cloud. Thanks!

Will Blend ever integrate with other Digital Closing/eNotary providers (like Snapdocs, Pavaso, NotaryCam, Notarize, etc.) besides Blend Close?

I know that Blend offers Blend Close as an eClosing/eNotary solution, but some financial institutions may want to use another provider for their mortgage business. So, is there any chance or circumstance that Blend will ever integrate with outside Digital Closing/eNotary providers in lieu of Blend Close?

Blend APIs requires Guids to be lowercase? Is that correct?

I like to confirm this, as it has tripped me up a number of times when setting up unit test and working with Postman. Since SQL Server stores guids as uppercase and C# treats them as lowercase, within C# code this is not an issue, so long as you don't treat them as strings. But, if you pull in the guids from SQL, which are always uppercased, and use those for Postman tests, they will fail. I just want to confirm this, as guids are not case sensitive. But the Blend APIs seem to be. Best regards, Jon

Track Sign-in in blend application

Hey Support Team. I want to track Sign-in in my blend application in google analytics. I didn't find any Sign-in event in blend developers documentation. How can I track sign-in in the blend application and send stats to google analytics? Can we add custom code such as Google Tag Manager code on the sign-in page or is there any alternative to track sign in? Looking forward to your response. Cheers, Anas Marketlytics

Will Blend ever connect with Zapier ?

Will Blend ever connect with Zapier ?

Spanish Applications

When will a Spanish Application experience be available?

Will Blend ever integrate with OneSpan Sign (formerly eSignLive)? Or, do I need to integrate it manually via API?

I have a question concerning electronic signatures on Blend: will Blend ever integrate with OneSpan Sign, or do I need to use API to create a custom interface? My bank uses OneSpan Sign as its e-sign provider, and so I was wondering if this would be possible? I would appreciate a swift response on that Matter.

Is this thing on?

Hello. New developer here, trying to make things work. I see that the latest versions API specs in the Github repository aren't very in sync with your documentation (no Postman collections, for example). Also, I've observed that trying to generate C# code using the OpenAPI Tools Generator (which is pretty much the standard) fails using the 4.3.0 yaml schema, which is not very optimal. Are you working on upgrading / improving your API and standards?

How can I download the OpenAPI Specification for Blend's API?

Does Blend allow customers or partners to download an OpenAPI or Swagger compliant description of their APIs?

Validation Error Detail on /documents POST

The following response (from /documents POST) does not contain information about what field failed validation. How is an API consumer to understand what failed validation so that they can understand the problem? Perhaps the response should include a collection of field validation problems in the 400 responses? "trackingId": "65cc8c01-b1a0-4434-985d-6b5fd587538f", "error": "Invalid request. Validation error occurred at field value.", "display": "Please provide a valid value. (65cc8c01-b1a0-4434-985d-6b5fd587538f)"