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Validation Error Detail on /documents POST

The following response (from /documents POST) does not contain information about what field failed validation. How is an API consumer to understand what failed validation so that they can understand the problem? Perhaps the response should include a collection of field validation problems in the 400 responses? "trackingId": "65cc8c01-b1a0-4434-985d-6b5fd587538f", "error": "Invalid request. Validation error occurred at field value.", "display": "Please provide a valid value. (65cc8c01-b1a0-4434-985d-6b5fd587538f)"

Open API Specification?

I am looking for an OpenAPi or Swagger specification for the Blend APIs. I can see that you are generating the documentation from a specification, which looks like Swagger. I am trying to generate classes in .Net from the specification, where I am manually build them for now. But using the specification would allow me to quickly generate them correctly as new versions are released.

Does Blend work in Canada?

Hi - I'm curious if the Blend platform is available to Canadian FIs, mortgage lenders, etc. If not, is there an ETA on that? thanks!

Error while creating document on a specific loan with a file and related metadata

URL: https://api.beta.blendlabs.com/documents Error Message: {"trackingId":"76b73d32-5308-4511-b731-591ca155f3d9","error":"Invalid request. Validation error occurred at field value.","display":"Please provide a valid value. (76b73d32-5308-4511-b731-591ca155f3d9)"} Client Code: public bool PostDocument(string loanId, string data) { //For testing loanId = "XXXXXXX-7071-4FFC-AFA5-E457XXXXX"; // Blend Loan GUID data = "";//PDF base 64 data try { string requestParams = $"documents"; var metaData = new metadata { loanId = loanId, type = "other-disclosures" }; var jsonRequest = JsonConvert.SerializeObject(new PostDocumentRequest { metadata = metaData, data = data }); client.DefaultRequestHeaders.TryAddWithoutValidation("Content-Type", "multipart/related;"); var response = client.PostAsync(requestParams, (HttpContent)new StringContent(jsonRequest, Encoding.UTF8, "application/json")); response.Wait(); HttpResponseMessage res = response.Result; if (!res.IsSuccessStatusCode) { var loanResponse = res.Content.ReadAsStringAsync(); } return res.IsSuccessStatusCode; } catch (Exception ex) { throw ex; } }

How to authenticate webhook events

From my understanding, we authenticate incoming webhook events to our listener by validating the base64 username/password that is contained in the header of the request. What is the name of the header parameter? I do not see any header parameters in the request for this. Thank you! Ryan

Error from the Get App API

Hoping you gave me some idea of what this error is. We get a 404 if the loan/app is not found. But I am getting this as a 500 error. Seems odd, like this might be an issue on the Blend side, maybe when a first name is blank, or something along that line. /home-lending/applications/b516aa0c-ff6d-4a4b-a011-73d1b56a90e6 { "trackingId": "37626189-1730-428c-8ec4-edb5980f9c6b", "error": "Response validation failed for GET api/external/loans/:id: parties.0.name.firstName fails to match string.base", "display": "Response validation failed for GET api/external/loans/:id: parties.0.name.firstName fails to match string.base (37626189-1730-428c-8ec4-edb5980f9c6b)" }

Mobile app questions

Can more than one person be logged in to the same Loan Officer profile on a mobile device? Also, if my assistant is logged in the mobile app and sends a referral link, does it send my URL as the Loan Officer?

Facebook Tracking No Longer Working

Hey Support Team. We set up Facebook tracking as well as Bing tracking using GTM on Pageview and on other GTM events that blend provides like application_submitted for Blend a month ago but it is no longer working. We are not receiving any events on Facebook and Bing, could you guide me how can we track events of blend application into facebook pixels. Looking forward to your response. Cheers, Anas Marketlytics

Does Blend offers an interface for Spanish speaking end users?

I would like to know if Blend offers an interface for Spanish speaking end users?

Export FNM3.2 using reference number instead of application uuid

Is there a way to search for applications using reference number?