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Follow-Up Events

Event Summary

Certain processes in Blend are referred to as "follow ups" which broadly denotes a task that requires various conditions to be met for its completion. This may manifest as, for example, a request for tax documents or confirmation of a form of proof of identity that require a party to an application in Blend to login and perform some action (e.g. answer a question, upload a document, sign a document, etc.).

These "follow ups" have state, and the events that surround them are designed to help integrators trigger backend processing logic related to those requests (e.g. after a "follow up" is completed, download the associated document or file from the party).


Firing Condition

When the state of a follow up changes, this event is fired after the state change and associated data updates have been committed to the Blend data model, thereby ensuring that API requests against the follow up after the event is emitted are linearizable by timestamp.


The fields object will contain, at minimum:

  1. "solutionSubType" - the type of application the party is associated with (e.g., HELOC, MORTGAGE, etc.)
  2. "applicationId" - the UUID of the application the party is associated with.
  3. "status" - a string value the denotes the state of the follow up.


  "id": "16ed06db-d0ce-478a-8e2d-63a21d02f55b",
  "firstEmittedAt": "2018-06-14T15:08:18.466Z",
  "lastEmittedAt": "2018-06-14T15:08:18.466Z",
  "attempt": 1,
  "status": "EMITTED",
  "data": {
    "id": "282f3df7-7900-45d5-aafe-b438def61d7c",
    "type": "followUp",
    "action": "updated",
    "solution": "CONSUMER_MORTGAGE",
    "fields": {
      "solutionSubType": {
        "value": "MORTGAGE"
      "application": {
      	"id": "282f3df7-7900-45d5-aafe-b438def61d7a"
      "status": {
      	"value": "REQUESTED"
  "links": {
  	"application": {
    	"href": "https://api.beta.blend.com/home-lending/applications/282f3df7-7900-45d5-aafe-b438def61d7a"