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Redirect URLs for Consumer Experience Integrations

What are Redirect URLs?

Blend Offers time-limited URLs as part of our POST home-lending/applications route that allow consumers to be automatically redirected to the application that was just created for them.

Use Case Restrictions

  • The Redirect URLs are designed only for use cases where a Loan would be created on behalf of a Consumer, and then the Consumer would be redirected into that Loan immediately. Usually this pattern occurs with Lead Gen, CRM or Initial Routing Questionnaire integrations.
  • These redirect URLs only work for 10 minutes.
  • There is no way to reactivate the redirect URL or get a new one if the Consumer doesn't reach their Loan within those 10 minutes. The links will simply be dead and the Consumer will not have a way to reach that Loan unless they are re-invited manually from within Blend by a bank employee. Financial institutions that work with partners using this pattern are recommended to implement a process to catch applications from this source where the Consumer has yet to log-in after a day, and resend them invitations manually.

How to Get Redirect URLs

Redirect URLs are not returned as part of the POST home-lending/applications response by default. You must use the optional body parameter redirect with value true.


curl -X POST \
  'https://api.blend.com/home-lending/applications' \
  --data '
    "redirect": true,
    ... (Other parameters)

The POST home-lending/applications response will now include a field called redirectUrl that will contain the magic link to send the Consumer to their application.

What is the Borrower Experience?

When the Consumer is redirected to Blend they will be presented with a log-in screen to create their Blend account, and then be dropped into their Loan Application in Blend which will be pre-filled with the information provided in the POST home-lending/applications and any subsequent API calls made to Blend.

After they create their Blend account they will receive an email with a long-term link that will allow them to return to their Loan Application in the future.

If they have an account with the partner that they may attempt to reach the loan from in the future, they should.be directed to the Blend Sign-in page.