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VOA/VOE/VOI Guide: How to Integrate with Blend


This guide will cover the common patterns that Verification of Asset/Employment/Income partners use to integrate with Blend, and point you to all the resources you need to enact those patterns for your VOA/VOE/VOI service.

VOA/VOE/VOI Patterns

VOA/VOE/VOI integrations are by nature two-way integrations.

Two-way integrations both post data into Blend AND receive updates from Blend as data changes. In the case of VOA/VOE/VOI integrations, data is primarily exchanged about docs.  

Integration Walkthrough

Two-way VOA/VOE/VOI integrations start on Blend's side, with Blend sending events to the VOA/VOE/VOI service about documents that have been uploaded by the consumer.

Blend's Event Notifications utilize standard webhook architecture. In order to receive Blend Event Notifications, you will have to create an endpoint that can receive and parse the events, and contact Blend in order to get your subscription set up properly. 

See Getting Started with Blend Events for how to get setup receiving event notifications, and Events Schemas & Definitions to select which events you need to subscribe to. In this case you'll be subscribing to the Document Available event.

Once you are receiving the Document Available Event Notifications, you will need to write logic to decide what to do with those events. Usually, you'll want to consider what documents you usually need in order to kick-off the VOA/VOE/VOI service.

These instructions for Export Documents are critical for this workflow.

In the final system, the process will look like this:

  1. VOA/VOE/VOI received Document Available events whenever a document is uploaded to Blend
  2. VOA/VOE/VOI system filters these events to only the Doc Types that are relevant for their service (Download CSV of Doc Type Definitions)
  3. If a event is received for a relevant document, VOA/VOE/VOI calls Blend's APIs to retrieve the document
  4. Once the VOA/VOE/VOI system has all the needed docs, it kicks off the order in their service
  5. Once VOA/VOE/VOI is complete, the report document is returned to Blend via the API

Additional Information

The above is a pattern for supporting automatic triggering of VOA/VOE/VOI services. Blend is considering allowing VOA/VOE/VOI to be manually triggered by Financial Institution Employees in our Employee Portal. If you are interested in piloting this pattern with us, please reach out to [email protected].