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Create a New Home Loan


The following section will walk you through creating a new loan application in Blend using Blend's public API. This covers use cases where a lead is collected in a CRM or LOS system and Blend is intended to be used to facilitate the application process.


POST /loans - create a new loan with the primary borrower

POST /borrowers - add any additional borrowers to the loan

1. Create a Loan with the primary borrower

POST /loans - Request

If you are creating a loan in Blend from a loan record in an external system, please remember to update the following tracking fields:

  • losId if this loan is generated from your LOS
  • crmId if this loan is generated from your CRM

The following example will walk you through posting a Purchase loan application in Blend. A few key properties to point out about the request:

  • "applicationType" indicates a "PURCHASE" application
  • "referenceNumber" is "100", which will update the visual loan reference number in Blend
  • "referrerEmail" will need to include email of the Blend user who originated and will be assigned to the loan
  • "sendEmailInvite" - TRUE or FALSE will determine if the borrower's invitation is either sent or not sent, respectively

Identifying Loan Source

Make sure to include applicationSource 'type' and 'name' values when you create loans in Blend via a POST /loans call,
this way your lender teams will be able to use the "Source Type" or "Source Name" filters in their pipeline to
distinguish loans the originated in your LOS from those they originate in Blend. For more information, please see our
Loan Request Schema documentation. 

curl -X POST \
https://api.beta.blendlabs.com/loans \
-H 'authorization: {{YOUR AUTH TOKEN}}' \
-H 'blend-api-version: 2.0.0' \
-H 'cache-control: no-cache' \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-H 'blend-target-instance: {{YOUR BLEND DEPLOYMENT}}~{{YOUR SPECIAL ID}}' \
-d '{
  "loanType": "MORTGAGE",
  "applicationType": "FULL_APPLICATION",
  "loanPurposeType": "PURCHASE",
  "propertyType": "SINGLE_FAMILY",
  "propertySearchType": "NOT_STARTED",
  "propertyUsageType": "PRIMARY_RESIDENCE",
  "loanAmount": 123,
  "propertyValue": 123,
  "propertyAddress": {
    "streetAddressLine1": "123 Kearny ST",
    "streetAddressLine2": "",
    "city": "City",
    "state": "IL",
    "zipCode": "12345",
    "zipCodePlusFour": "1000"
  "borrower": {
    "id": "",
    "loanId": "",
    "type": "string",
    "name": {
      "firstName": "PQ",
      "middleName": "P",
      "lastName": "API",
      "suffixName": "III"
    "email": "{{BorrowerEMAIL}}"
  "leadId": "leadId1",
  "crmId": "crmId1",
  "losId": "losId1",
  "referenceNumber": "100",
  "referrerEmail": "{{USER EMAIL}}",
  "sendEmailInvite": true,
  "redirect": true,
  "applicationTemplateId": "fd658b97-f901-4b14-b693-4654d276c909"

POST /loans - Response

The returned response will have a few key fields as well.

  • "id" is the Blend loan Id; a unique identifier generated by Blend to identify the loan.
  • "borrowers.name" - Complete borrower name as it is posted in Blend
     "id": "41d7dd74-7c94-4837-b740-555e75221697",
     "loanType": "MORTGAGE",
     "borrowers": [
               "id": "0537bb8d-6342-4bdb-826d-e3a64585884f",
               "name": "John Borrower Jr.",
               "type": "BORROWER"

After the loan is created, you should be able to see the loan in your Blend Pipeline if you have permissions to see all loans in Blend or if you are assigned to the appropriate loan. You can also look up the loan with the loan id from the POST /loans - Response.


In the Blend Application page, the following information will be carried over to the application:


If a referrer has been specified in the request, it will appear as having a user assigned to it in the Pipeline and Overview page of the loan.

Pipeline view:


Overview page:


2. Add borrowers

If you want to add borrowers to the loan after the loan creation, you can use the following endpoint to add more borrowers.

POST /borrowers - Request

curl -X POST \
https://api.beta.blendlabs.com/borrowers \
-H 'authorization: {{YOUR AUTH TOKEN}}' \
-H 'blend-api-version: 2.0.0' \
-H 'cache-control: no-cache' \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-H 'blend-target-instance: {{YOUR BLEND DEPLOYMENT}}~{{YOUR SPECIAL ID}}' \
-d '{
  "name": {
    "firstName": "John",
    "middleName": "M",
    "lastName": "Doe",
    "suffixName": "III"
  "email": "[email protected]",
  "type": "COBORROWER",
  "SSN": "000113934",
  "dateOfBirth": 0,
  "homePhone": "1112223333",
  "currentAddress": {
    "streetAddressLine1": "100 Main St",
    "streetAddressLine2": "Apt 10",
    "city": "Chicago",
    "state": "IL",
    "zipCode": "60007",
    "zipCodePlusFour": "1000"
  "fileNumber": 1,
  "filePosition": 2,
  "loanId": "e92ef01b-9ed0-45af-b5ab-d0ae949ba765" // Blend loan ID

POST /borrowers - Response

     "id": "7ae3df8a-d1c3-42a3-920a-7ff3a2b06ff3",
     "loanId": "e92ef01b-9ed0-45af-b5ab-d0ae949ba765",
     "type": "COBORROWER",
     "name": {
          "firstName": "John",
          "middleName": "M",
          "lastName": "Doe"
     "email": "[email protected]"

Loan activity log:


Loan Application page:


Considerations for adding borrowers:

  • Remember to provide a location for the borrower
    • 1003 number and position number so that we can add the borrower into the correct 1003.
      • Example: {"fileNumber":1, "filePosition" 2} will add a co-borrower to 1003 form 1
      • Example: {"fileNumber":2, "filePosition" 1} will add a borrower to 1003 form 2
  • You are only allowed to add a borrower to the loan when:
    • The main borrower has not yet accepted their application invitation
    • The loan has NOT been marked as exported (to the LOS or other integration)