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Disclosure Package Signed

Event Type


Entity Action


Firing Condition

After disclosures are issued, this event is emitted on a per-signer basis when the signer completes the signing ceremony for the disclosure package referenced in the event body through Blend's eSign portal or through a participating partner's eSign portal.



These events are triggered by actions taken on a disclosures package by a specific party to that package. They relay the action taken against the package as well as various metadata about the party taking the action such as the date and ip of the party as recorded by the eSign portal used to coordinate the signing ceremony.

As in all events, null values are compacted before event generation, therefore some metadata keys may not appear in all events, e.g. for a siging event, metadata related to a decline event will not be included.

Valid Decorators

  • losPrimaryKey
  • crmPrimaryKey
  • originationType
  • referenceLoanNumber

Object Format

  "eventType": "disclosuresEvent",
  "eventId": UUID,
  "message": {
    "entityAction": "DISCLOSURES_SIGNED",
    "entityId": UUID,
    "entityType": string,
    "disclosuresId": UUID,
    "parties": [{
      "partyId": UUID,
      "metadata": {
      	"receivedDate": DateTime,
      	"receivedIP": string,
      	"signedDate": DateTime,
      	"signedIP": string,
      	"declinedToSignDate": DateTime,
      	"declinedToSignIP": string,
      	"wetsignComplete": boolean
  "originallyEmittedAt": DateTime (UTC Unix/Epoch Timestamp),
  "status": "EMITTED"