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Event Structure


Attribute Order

PleaseĀ note that the order of attributes for all Blend Schemas, Events and APIs is NOT guaranteed!

Event Definition

An event emitted from Blend represents a change in Blend's data relative to a specific object and should always be actionable.

Because taking action on a data change may require different types or amounts of information depending on the change that caused the event to be emitted, events are defined by two schemas: a base schema that is globally enforced over all event types that contains coordination data (such as unique identifier, date and time stamps, and the message state) and a message schema that changes based upon the type of metadata that is required for a specific event type.

Event Base Schema

  "eventType": ENUM(string),
  "eventId": UUID,
  "message": Message,
  "originallyEmittedAt": DateTime (UTC Unix/Epoch Timestamp),
  "status": ENUM(string)

Event Message Schema

The Event Message contains the information needed to act on an event of a specific type. Message schemas are defined for each event type in the Blend Event Glossary, and schemas should be validated based on the Event's type attribute.

A Message object can contain a collection of objects, for example several borrowers. Every object within the message will reference only one Blend object model (e.g. borrower, document, etc.) via it's UUID.