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TRID Triggered

Event Type


Entity Action

Firing Condition

When a loan team member triggers TRID in Blend. Note it is highly recommended that Integrators subscribe to this event. When the Integration service receives this event, they should perform the same actions as if it was an "Application Submitted" event, per their business processes.

Valid Decorators

  • losPrimaryKey
  • crmPrimaryKey
  • originationType
  • metadata.documentYear
  • referenceLoanNumber
  • metadata.memberEntityIdentifier
  • borrower.econsentMetadata
  • metadata.assetIdentifier

Object Format

  "eventType": "applicationEvent",
  "eventId": UUID,
  "message": {
    "entityAction": "TRID_TRIGGERED",
    "entityType": "loan",
    "entityId": UUID
  "originallyEmittedAt": DateTime (UTC Unix/Epoch Timestamp),
  "status": "EMITTED"