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Use the API to build your own Reports


The following sections will show you how to export reporting related information using the Blend Public API.

The Blend Reporting API gives you programmatic access to end-of-day reporting data on activity within Blend for your internal and external users on the platform. The API allows you to integrate with this data store in your preferred warehousing destination but also can serve data to existing BI or Analytics tools already leveraged by your organization.

It will allow your organization to better measure Blend's performance. This API serves as an alternative to Blend's deprecated Daily Analytics Package and is a single, easy-to-use and scalable set of endpoints to obtain the data relevant to the loans in Blend's platform.

For further details, please refer to the 'Blend API Reporting' schema reference.



Reporting Routes

To preface, all interactions for reporting must start with the path /reporting. Then, depending on the desired endpoint, you'll want to specify the reporting information you want.

Example full URL:


GET /documents

Retrieve documents created within Blend on each loan by whom and at what time.

GET /loans

Retrieve loans created within Blend between two dates and the associated LOS key

GET /nps

Retrieve the NPS scores and associated comments for Blend loans

GET /activities

Retrieve activities associated with a Blend loan and the associated user which completed them. Activities can include: Taxes, Requested e-Consent, Submitted Application, etc.

GET /lenders

Retrieve lender users of Blend, what roles they hold within the organization, the loans they are associated with, and both their invited and activation times

GET /borrowers

Retrieve borrowers users within Blend, the loan they are associated with, and both their invited and activation times

Example request

Request for obtaining NPS scores:

curl -X GET \
 https://api.beta.blendlabs.com/reporting/nps \
 -H 'Authorization: {{YOUR AUTH TOKEN}}' \
 -H 'X-Blend-Deployment: {{YOUR BLEND DEPLOYMENT}}' \
 -H 'cache-control: no-cache'

Response from the above request:

 "nps": [
      "loanId": "62492b43-7d38-4ffd-8c09-b9e00c7ed42a",
      "score": "9",
      "comment": "Great!",
      "datetime": "2018-10-23T20:18:53.764Z"
      "loanId": "5d968480-dd8a-4d61-9d0f-44b595df510d",
      "score": "10",
      "comment": null,
      "datetime": "2018-10-25T00:31:42.937Z"
      "loanId": "a7ff799d-393a-4ebb-b26e-594d4180b6fc",
      "score": "8",
      "comment": "Julian was great!!",
      "datetime": "2018-10-26T19:06:51.311Z"
      "loanId": "399cdc10-5b8c-4efb-a1ab-b3b338c7092a",
      "score": "8",
      "comment": "Pretty convenient.",
      "datetime": "2018-10-23T18:18:42.148Z"
 "prevCursor": "0",
 "nextCursor": "0"