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## Error Types

The Events API may return the following error codes:

CodeDefault MessageNotes
400Invalid RequestThe request was malformed and could not be processed by the eventing system.
401Not AuthorizedThe request did not have a valid user to complete the request (e.g. the credentials were incorrect, the user was missing a necessary scope for the requested operation, etc.).
404Not FoundThe event(s) you have requested could not be found.
500Internal Server ErrorSomething unintended has gone wrong. Please escalate to your support contact with as much information as possible, including the call you were attempting to make when you received this error. Note: do not include access credentials when sending requests to support.
503Service UnavailableYour request was valid, but the server was unable to process it at this time. A 503 indicates a temporary condition and suggests that a retry at a later time may alleviate the error and allow the request to process successfully. This error class may occur during Blend's schedule maintenance window.

## Error Response

An Error is a sub-object of an Event.