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## To enable Consumer Single Sign-On, your organization needs to meet the following requirements:

  • SAML server with provisioned users

  • Web application to handle routing of users via the SSO Start Page (See: [Consumer SSO Requirements](🔗) )

  • A SAML response configured to Blend's SAML Specification (See: [SAML Configuration](🔗) )

  • Installation of a self-signed encryption certificate used for encrypting the data included in the SAML response while in transfer

## You will need to provide Blend with the following information:

  • Identity provider Entity ID URL that uniquely identifies your SAML identity provider

  • The remote login entrypoint URL for your SAML server ( [Entrypoint URL Configuration](🔗) )

  • Certificate for signature verification of your SAML identity (X.509 certificates in PEM or DER format)