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Summary of changes

This version of the api includes minor enhancements.

Lenders API

Non-Breaking Changes

  • Added roles as a query parameter to GET /lenders. This query parameter allows you to pass multiple roles that are configured in Blend. If passed in, the endpoint will return a list of lenders with any of the roles specified.

Reporting API

Non-Breaking Changes

  • Loans Endpoint GET /reporting/loans - one field added
    • blendIncomeSuccessFlag
  • Borrowers Endpoint GET /reporting/borrowers - two fields added
    • incomeVerificationDatetime
    • lastUpdatedDatetime - also added as an optional parameter
  • Data Verification Usage Endpoint GET /reporting/data-verification-usage - nine fields added
    • numberAssetsStatementFallback
    • numberLoansWithAssetsStatementFallback
    • percentSubmitsWithAssetsStatementFallback
    • numberAssetVerification
    • numberLoansWithAssetVerification
    • percentSubmitsWithAssetVerification
    • numberBlendIncomeVerifications
    • numberLoansWithBlendIncomeVerification
    • percentSubmitsWithBlendIncomeVerification
  • Followups Endpoint GET /reporting/follow-ups - one field added
    • clientFollowupReferenceId
  • Followups Endpoint POST /follow-ups - made one field optional
    • taxTranscriptYears
  • Added PROGRAM_LOAN to the list of loanType enums

Loans API

Non-Breaking Changes

  • Added support for fields collected during the prequal flow:
    • parties.firstTimeHomeBuyer
    • parties.incomes[]
    • parties.liabilities[]
    • parties.credit.estimatedCreditScore
    • property.searchTimeline
    • debtToIncomeRatio
    • affordabilityRange
  • Added branchIdOverride field to the GET and POST /home-lending/applications endpoint
  • Added CANCELLED_VERIFICATION to the list of status enums for GET /home-lending/applications/employers/verified
    • This enum value is being added in versions >= v4.1.0
  • Added new tpr party types

RON Eligibility Check API

  • Added new API endpoint POST /close/ron-eligibility-check

Packages API

Non-Breaking Changes

  • Added support for new providerType enum of OFFER in the POST and GET /packages endpoint and the GET /packages/:id endpoint. Creates new experience for borrowers when enum used.

Account Opening API

Non-Breaking Changes

  • Get Account Application Data Endpoint GET /account-applications/id - one field added
    • submittedAt

Close API

Non-Breaking Changes

Adding eNote signing window dates to GET AND PATCH APIs for closings

  • Added new fields, eNoteSignStart and eNoteSignEnd, to response of endpoints GET /close/closings and GET /close/closing/:id
  • Added new fields, eNoteSignStart and eNoteSignEnd, to request and response of endpoint PATCH /close/closing/:id

Close API

  • Update scheduledFirstPaymentDate field in docs to reflect accepted date format of 'YYYY-MM-DD' as that is how the code functions