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Summary of changes

This version of the api includes minor enhancements.

Loans API

Non-Breaking Changes

  • Added party.noEmailYet field to the POST /home-lending/applications and POST /parties endpoints.
    • This will generate a unique placeholder email for the borrower ending with @interim.sso.blend.com. The email can be updated later using the PATCH /home-lending/applications endpoint.
  • Added CONSTRUCTION as a valid loan purpose type to POST /home-lending/applications.
  • Added new endpoint, PUT /home-lending/applications/id/pricing/selected-product.
    • This endpoint allows users to select a product for their application without the pricing workflow in the lending dashboard.
  • Added new resource, /home-lending/applications/id/export-requests.
    • These endpoints allows users to initiate application exports and view and modify the results of those exports.
  • Added ability to update property.value via PATCH /home-lending/applications/:id
  • Added new resource, /home-lending/applications/id/title/orders.
    • This endpoint will return title orders for a given application, including info about the title agency and commitment, if applicable.

Parties API


  • Fixed POST /parties and PATCH /parties/:id to validate
    taxpayerIdentifier.value for identifier type SOCIAL_SECURITY_NUMBER whose
    validation was missed for api versions >=v3.0.0 and <5.2.0. The value
    must be exactly 9 digits when provided. For versions >=3.0.0 and <5.2.0,
    the validation has been updated to attempt to coerce SSN values into the
    correct format. For those versions, spaces and hyphens will be stripped out,
    and the resulting value will be validated to ensure that it is exactly 9

Account Opening API

Non-Breaking Changes

  • Get Account Application Data Endpoint GET /account-applications/id
    • New samlUsername field added to objects in the applicants array.
  • Added coapplicantIsExistingMember field to the GET /reporting/deposit-account-applications endpoint.
    • This field will have a value of TRUE if the member lookup call found a match in the core banking system for the coapplicant on an application, thus indicating that the coapplicant was an existing member prior to the application. The comparable field for primary applicants, primaryApplicantIsExistingMember, was already available.

Reporting API

Non-Breaking Changes

  • Added id field to the followups endpoint GET /reporting/follow-ups.
    • This exposes external followup id.

Close API

  • Update scheduledFirstPaymentDate field in docs to reflect accepted date format of 'YYYY-MM-DD' as that is how the code functions