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Duplicate Colons in Arrays

When calling many of the reporting endpoints (loans for example <https://api.beta.blendlabs.com/reporting/loans>) any element that contains an array has a colon within the key name as well as a colon separating the value. What's the reasoning for that as it seems redundant. ``` "allCurrentAssignees": "[ {\"userId:\":\"e700cea7-dd21-4ac1-b62c-304c43302024\", \"name:\":\"blah blah\", \"email:\":\"[email protected]\"}, {\"userId:\":\"6a8ccfd2-8af6-4086-9b65-c753f6aedab6\", \"name:\":\"first last\", \"email:\":\"[email protected]\"}, {\"userId:\":\"4be574d9-23ec-47fd-b05a-4ec5ddb44c23\", \"name:\":\"joe blow\", \"email:\":\"[email protected]\"}]", ```

Latest Record for a loan

I see that the estLastUpdateDate is not a realiable timestamp. What is best practice to be sure we are pulling in any changes to old loans? Our current method is to always pull the latest created timestamp that exists in our dataset and look back one month from that. My concern is if older loans are changing, we will miss the changes.

Cannot query a follow-ups only application

I am trying to query a follow-ups only application using the Los Primary Key, I can find the GUID in the portal and have confirmed that it is tied to the Los Primary Key through the integration status page. I am trying to call the /home-lending/applications?losId-eq={losguid} With the follow-ups only integration started via the LOS my response is always { "applications": [], "nextCursor": "0", "prevCursor": "0" }

Can CUNA Mutual's ForeverCar Platform integrate with Blend for auto lending?

CUNA Mutual (becoming TruStage this year) has a platform to sell its Mechanical Repair Coverage online, namely ForeverCar. I just want to know that can this be integrated into Blend's auto lending workflow through APIs?

Can Blend integrate with MeridianLink's Consumer (formerly, LoansPQ), DecisionLender, and Opening (formerly, XpressAccounts) for Consumer Lending (Vehicle, Personal, Credit Cards, Home Equity) and Deposit Account Opening through the use of APIs?

Blend already integrates with MeridianLink’s Mortgage (FKA, LendingQB) for mortgages and home equity lending, but I want to know if you can integrate Blend with Consumer, DecisionLender, and Opening for consumer lending and deposit account origination through the use of APIs?

In lieu of Blend Title as the settlement agent, will Blend ever integrate with other settlement providers, such as Amrock or Mortgage Connect?

Not everyone will use Blend Title as their settlement provider. In fact, Blend Title is currently not available in all states. And, most of the time, Blend users use their own title agency as their settlement provider (like Regions Bank, who currently uses Blend for their Home Equity Lines of Credit - may extend Blend for HELOANS, Mortgages, Consumer Lending, Auto Lending, and Deposit in the future, uses Mortgage Connect as their companywide settlement provider), and generally, you have to work around this caveat in Blend with manual integration, like APIs. So, here’s the question I’ve wanted to ask about for a while since Blend Title came about: will Blend, in the future, integrate with other settlement providers, like Amrock or Mortgage Connect, as an option in lieu of Blend Title? I hope to find a straight answer to this question soon!

I need a user guide for clients. Anyone know where to find one?

IsSuccessful set to false but OK Response ???

So I'm POSTing a home-lending/applications and the response is a 200 OK with the appropriate payload but the IsSuccessful flag is being set to false and the ErrorMessage is set to "Input string was not in a correct format." No indication of what was not correct and I've even gone so far as to reduce the POST to the bare minimum, firstName, lastName and email.

Does Blend offers an interface for Spanish speaking end users?

I would like to know if Blend offers an interface for Spanish speaking end users?

Is this thing on?

Hello. New developer here, trying to make things work. I see that the latest versions API specs in the Github repository aren't very in sync with your documentation (no Postman collections, for example). Also, I've observed that trying to generate C# code using the OpenAPI Tools Generator (which is pretty much the standard) fails using the 4.3.0 yaml schema, which is not very optimal. Are you working on upgrading / improving your API and standards?