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Consumer SSO Overview


Blend's Consumer Single Sign-On solution uses the XML-based Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML 2.0) protocol for single sign-on into Blend from an existing identity provider (IAM).

Implementing Consumer Single Sign-On gives your existing customers a unified login experience and enables pre-fill of application data.

Review the resources below to understand the requirements and actions needed to enable Consumer Single Sign-On.

Consumer Single Sign-On FAQs

What about users who are not provisioned in my SAML server?

Blend SSO for user with existing SSO accounts. Users not provisioned in your SAML server will register for Blend-managed credentials.

Can I migrate users from Blend-managed accounts to SSO logins after enabled Consumer Single Sign-On?

Blend can support user migration if your SAML server enforces email validation. Please consult with your Blend contact for more details.

Does this allow employees at my organization to login to Blend via SSO?

No, Consumer SSO is not related to your organization's employee user logins. Please reach out to your Blend Account Manager to learn more about Blend's SSO solution for your employees.