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## Event Summary

Disclosure and Closing packages are an integral part of many consumer lending processes, as they help lenders and servicers provide applicants with all the information that they need to make a sound financial decision related to their application.

Because of the criticality of package events due to the regulations surrounding them, Blend's event engine supports a robust set of update events designed to help integrators meet their regulatory burden whilst automating often-complicated handling paths for these documents and files.

### Firing Condition

There are two types of events that fire on a package change. One event fires when the overall package changes status. The other event fires when an individual recipient changes status.

Package Status: This event represents a change event that is scoped to the entire package; it does not represent the overall state of a single recipient.

Package Recipient Status: This event represents a change event that is scoped to a single recipient on a package.

### Fields

The fields object will contain, at minimum:

  1. "solutionSubType" - the type of application the party is associated with (e.g., HELOC, MORTGAGE, etc.) present under the "value" subkey, while the unique identifier for that entity is listed in the "id" subkey.

  2. "status" - represents the current state of the _entire_ disclosures package.

### Notes

It should also be noted that the exact trigger condition for this event varies by your selected disclosures solution and ceremony provider; consult with your Implementation Engineer or Account Manager for more information.

Each event is considered a package event so subscribers of both events will need to parse the `fields` object to determine whether a package status event or a recipient status event.

### Definitions

Borrower = a borrower entity on a loan Recipient = inclusive of non-borrower disclosure recipients (e.g., Third Party Recipients such as non-borrowing spouses/owners, lenders, etc.)

### Package Status Options

CANCELLEDWhen a package has been cancelled. Cancelled is dictated by lender users
COMPLETEDWhen signatures are required and all parties have completed all signature requests; or when a package is view-only and all parties have completed all view requests
CREATEDWhen the package has been issued but no borrowers have provided e-consent
DECLINEDWhen a recipient has declined a package
DELIVEREDWhen at least one borrower has provided electronic consent in Blend
FAILED_TO_CREATEThe package was not created
VIEWEDWhen at least one borrower has viewed a package
SIGNEDWhen the package is signed by at least one borrower

### Recipient Status Options

HAS_NOT_VIEWEDThe recipient has not viewed the package
VIEWEDThe recipient has viewed the package
SIGNEDThe recipient has signed the package
DECLINEDThe recipient has declined the package

## Example

### Package Status Event

### Recipient Status Event