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# Overview

For the complete and simple summary of the changes below see the[ v3.2.0 Changelog](🔗).

This document is an extension of the above Changelog that gives more context on these changes. It is for users of Blend's APIs to help you understand:

  • Changes that impact the behavior of the API in this version

  • New features and functionality that are available to you in v3.2.0

Don't forget that **v2.X.X functionality** will no longer be supported as of **March 31st, 2021.**

# Announcements

## New Assets Route Added

Users now have the ability to retrieve basic asset account summaries as well as initiate a request for updated asset information on an application. For connected assets, Blend will attempt to pull up-to-date structured data for the requested application and generate an assets statement. In the case where we cannot pull updated structured data, we will issue follow ups to the borrower.

  • Added GET /assets

  • Added POST /assets/refresh

## New Documents Metadata Route Added

Users can retrieve metadata on the document-level for a single resource. Prior to this, metadata was available in bulk retrieval. Now it's a lot easier

  • Added GET /documents/:id/metadata

## Several Field and Route Names Improved for Clarity

  • **creditPullType** added to GET /home-lending/applications/id/partiesGET /home-lending/applications/id/parties Allows the retrieval of a credit pull type indicator. Possible values are: Hard, Soft

  • Added loginMethod to GET /borrowers Allows the retrieval of the method that the borrower used to login

  • loanType field filtering added to the following endpoints GET /activities GET /borrowers GET /unassigned-loans GET /documents GET /lenders GET /loan-statistics GET /nps

# What You Need to Do to Upgrade to v3 or above

## Getting Started with your Upgrade

v2.0.0-v2.3.0 of Blend's APIs and Events will be fully deprecated (turned off) on March 31st, 2021. Customers and Partners need to upgrade any API calls they are currently making and any webhooks they are processing to support v3.0.0 or above by March 31st, 2021.