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For more detailed information on the below changes and the use cases they unlock see the v3.0.0 Upgrade Guide.

v3.0.0 Changelog


  • introduced the concept of "Solutions", specifically with the solutionType and solutionSubType fields in the API and Events, and the Solution URL prefix for home-lending-specific routes
  • top-level follow-ups resource routes with the following Methods: GET, POST, DELETE
  • PATCH documents/id route, primarily to enable marking documents to the exported status on successful export
  • GET home-lending/applications/id/file-export subroute added to specifically handle the FNMA and MISMO file export logic
  • GET /documents/id/export-statuses subroute with the following query parameters: exportedBy, exportedBefore, exportedAfter
  • /parties/id/employers subroute with the following Methods: GET, POST
  • CRUD Notification, Special Trigger and System generalized event schemas
  • Support for CRUD notifications on the following resources: Follow-ups: Updated
  • Additional CRUD notification support for the following scenarios: Application: Intent to Proceed Triggered
  • parties, assignees, property, taxpayerIdentifier, phoneNumber objects and phoneNumbers array added to many routes; see API Changes Summary in the v3.0.0 Upgrade Guide for more info.
  • GET /home-lending/applications route: partyEmail query parameter added
  • GET /documents route: lastExportedAt response field added
  • POST /documents: shareWithAllParties body parameter added
  • All GET routes now return the relevant fields from the corresponding POST route


  • all borrowers top-level resource routes and their subroutes: behavior merged with the existing parties routes
  • top-level disclosures routes: a replacement set of top-level routes with improved flexibility and behavior will be released in v3.1.0 in January 2020
  • borrowers and third-party-recipients objects: replaced with a consolidated parties object throughout the API
  • borrowerEmail query parameter for GET /loans: replaced by partyEmail query parameter
  • previous unique-by-type event schemas: replaced with a more extensible CRUD and Special Trigger base event schemas
  • referrerEmail body parameter in POST /loans and primaryAssignee response field in GET /loans: replaced by the assignees object, consistent with the behavior of the /home-lending/applications/assignees routes
  • includeAllExports query parameter and the losExportedAt response field for GET /documents: replaced with lastExportedAt response field and expanded export status functionality via GET /documents/id/export-statuses route


  • behavior of default value for blend-api-version header changed to now return most recent stable version of the API instead of v1.1.0 consistently
  • consolidation of X-blend-deployment-header and X-blend-special-instance into blend-target-instance header with the format requiring the same values from the previous headers in the format [tenant-name]~[special-id]
  • loans language replaced by application throughout the API and events
  • /v1/ has been removed from all document download links
  • Documents will no longer automatically be marked as exported when downloaded via the v3.0.0 API or beyond: this behavior is replaced by manually marking the status via the new PATCH documents/id route
  • POST /documents route now no longer requires a content-type header
  • propertyAddress Object, and the propertyType, propertyUsageType, propertyValue, and propertySearchType fields moved from the top-level of schemas into the consistent property object
  • SSN field replaced with taxpayerIdentifier object
  • Phone Number fields replaced with phoneNumbers array of phoneNumber objects
  • Name string fields replaced with Name object for consistency
  • applicationType field is now applicationExperienceType; no behavior change
  • GET /current-user route is now GET /authentication-status route; no behavior change
  • GET/PUT loan/id/application-details routes are now GET/PUT home-lending/applications/id/borrower-positions
  • ALL timestamps across the API and Events are now now in ISO standard format
  • All GET List routes now consistently return keyed arrays
  • All GET List routes and GET Individual resource routes now consistently return the same schemas