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In lieu of Blend Title as the settlement agent, will Blend ever integrate with other settlement providers, such as Amrock or Mortgage Connect?

Not everyone will use Blend Title as their settlement provider. In fact, Blend Title is currently not available in all states. And, most of the time, Blend users use their own title agency as their settlement provider (like Regions Bank, who currently uses Blend for their Home Equity Lines of Credit - may extend Blend for HELOANS, Mortgages, Consumer Lending, Auto Lending, and Deposit in the future, uses Mortgage Connect as their companywide settlement provider), and generally, you have to work around this caveat in Blend with manual integration, like APIs.

So, here’s the question I’ve wanted to ask about for a while since Blend Title came about: will Blend, in the future, integrate with other settlement providers, like Amrock or Mortgage Connect, as an option in lieu of Blend Title?

I hope to find a straight answer to this question soon!