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Closing Events

Event Summary

In order facilitate the lending processes, Blend supports closing events to indicate to lenders and servicers ways to understand when a closing has performed a particular action. With this information, we provide a way for consumers to understand the state of the closing so that they can take appropriate action for their workflows.

And with the use of packages in conjunction with closings, consumers can use these events to correlate their packages with their corresponding closings.

Closing Sent To Recipients

Firing Condition

When a closing is ready to provide a package to its parties, an event will be fired off to indicate that it has been sent.


The fields object will contain, at minimum:

  1. "application" - contains the application UUID associated with the closing/event with the unique identifier under the “id” subkey.
  2. "package" - represents the disclosures package sent to recipients.
    1. “id” - represents the unique identifier for the disclosures package
    2. “metadata.type” - the disclosures package type
    3. “metadata.closingDesignation” - represents the closing designation associated with the disclosures package (See “Package Closing Designation Options” below)
    4. “metadata.status” - represents the current state of the entire disclosures package (See “Package Events”)

Package Closing Designation Options

BEFORE_DAY_OFPackage sent before the day of closing
DAY_OFPackage sent on the day of closing


This event can be triggered multiple times during the lifecycle of a closing as multiple packages can be created for recipients. To understand the state of the package being created, consumers should subscribe to the package events so they understand when the package is updated itself and when recipients on the package perform actions on it.


  "id": "16ed06db-d0ce-478a-8e2d-63a21d02f55b",
  "firstEmittedAt": "2018-06-14T15:08:18.466Z",
  "lastEmittedAt": "2018-06-14T15:08:18.466Z",
  "attempt": 1,
  "status": "EMITTED",
  "data": {
    "id": "4d1f019e-9241-42ee-9ac9-6da150791b0c",
    "type": "closing",
    "action": "updated",
    "solution": "CONSUMER_MORTGAGE",
    "fields": {
      "application": {
        "id": "7b95f20e-67bf-4434-9407-5736a5e324f6",
      "package": {
        "id": "282f3df7-7900-45d5-aafe-b438def61d7c",
        "metadata": {
          "type": "CLOSING_PACKAGE",
          "closingDesignation": "BEFORE_DAY_OF",
          "status": "CREATED"